CK Lawyers

At the heart of all that we do is a passion to protect your most valuable assets. Whether it be buying or selling a business / house; obtaining a just property settlement in a family law dispute; or planning your estate we have a dedicated and experienced team to make sure that your assets are protected.

We have a highly specialised team of lawyers who each hold master’s degrees and specialised qualifications in the area of law that they practice. We specialise in Family Law, Business Law, Wills and Estate Planning and Property Law.

Specialising in both Family Law and Business law is a unique blend and uncommon in the legal industry. Walid Kalouche has committed his life to the study of both areas of law, holding a master’s degree in applied Family Law and another Masters degree Commercial law and a Bachelor of Economics.

Walid has unique expertise in representing clients where these two areas of law collide, in particular in family law proceedings:

  • Where the couple own a business jointly.
  • Where one of the parties is the owner of several businesses, stand alone or linked through complex company and/or trust structures.
  • Where one partner has business interests in Australia and overseas
  • Where one party has interests in Trusts as a named or potential beneficiary.
  • Where one party expects to receive a large inheritance soon after separation.
  • Where one partner believes the other has hidden assets to avoid an equitable distribution of assets.

We understand how companies work, how trusts work and how these may have been used by one party to hoodwink the other. We are also sensitive for the need of a smooth property division so as not to disrupt the business operations and what orders to seek ensuring the business can function effectively during and after the court proceedings.

Protecting your assets, family and business interests also involves proper estate planning and great documentation of all transactions. You deserve good advice and representation. Wadia Mansour the division manager is highly trained and skilled with a Masters degree in Estate Law to help you plan.

Our legal team has many years of legal and business experience. When this experience is combined with systematic training and technology-driven processes, CK Lawyers produces a result-driven, pragmatic, and highly efficient approach to legal planning, legal representation, and dispute resolution.