Traffic & Crime

Regardless of whether you have been issued with a minor offence penalty notice or you are facing more serious charge, CK Lawyers can provide you with professional advice and representation.


Traffic Law

We have a range of experience in all types of traffic matters including PCA offences, drink driving, speeding infringements, and habitual traffic offender declarations. Our lawyers understand every aspect of traffic law and work with you to ensure that the impact of any infringement on your life is minimised by securing a great outcome for you.


Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

CK Lawyers explore every possible defence that may be open to the facts as the period of licence disqualification is the main concern of people facing a DUI charge. A magistrate’s sentencing decision includes factors such as:

  • The person’s level of alcohol in their system
  • The person’s driving behaviour before interception by police
  • The distance the driver had already driven the vehicle
  • The person’s traffic history


Driving with Proscribed Content of Alcohol (PCA)

CK Lawyers can help with these types of matters which are highly technical. Investigation of the machines used by the police and any defects in these may be used against the police case to secure a good outcome for you by minimising fines, lowering the disqualification period or suspension period and to even secure a s10 Good Behaviour Bond, which means that you will not be convicted of the offence.

Call one of our team to discuss your circumstances and how we are able to assist you.


Criminal Law

Undoubtedly the most well-known area of law which solicitors can help with is Criminal Law – when a person is charged by the police for committing an offence against the Crimes Act.

CK Lawyers can assist you from the time that the police arrest and charge you at the police station until the finalisation of the matter at court.

We will try to negotiate and plea bargain with the police in appropriate cases and will attend at:

  • Police Station (if appropriate)
  • Bail Applications at the Local Court
  • Bail Applications at the Supreme Court
  • Advise you on every element of the charge
  • Advise you of any available defences
  • Represent you in a Defended Hearing, if you plead “not guilty”
  • Represent you in a Sentencing Hearing, if you plead “guilty”

Regardless of whether you have been issued with a penalty notice for a minor offence or you are facing serious police charges with a possible jail sentence, CK Lawyers can provide you with the advice and representation you require. Our team will work tirelessly to defend you – mounting a defence to any criminal charges is a technical procedure, and our lawyers are well-equipped to help you understand charges made against you and create a strategy to deliver appropriate representation in Local Court matters and District Court and Appellate matters. In addition to our talented team of criminal law lawyers, we work with barristers to achieve the best possible representation and outcome at every stage of the case.

Criminal matters that CK Lawyers can advise and represent you on include, but are not limited to:

  • Apprehended Violence
  • Serious driving offences including Negligent driving
  • Assault & Assault occasioning Bodily harm
  • Sexual Assault
  • Drug offences
  • Larceny (theft)
  • Vandalism
  • Intentional damage to goods
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder

If you have been charged with an offence, we welcome your inquiry which will be responded to ethically and professionally.


White Collar Crime

CK Lawyers provides professional legal assistance to victims and those charged with business crime. Known colloquially as ‘white collar crime’ these crimes are acts performed by people while conducting business. Business fraud typically comes in the form of bribery, extortion, embezzlement and cyber/online crime.

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Other Services

CK Lawyers have years of experience in all legal matters including Will and Estate law, Family law, property conveyance, commercial law, and traffic law. We also specialise in dispute resolution and court advocacy.