You may know or may not know why you are being arrested.

The police will actually say to you “You are under Arrest”.

The police are required to treat you with dignity and respect when they arrest you; you will then be taken by police to the station searched and all your valuable stored for safe keeping.

You have the right to remain silent
You only have to give the police your name and address and if you need any special needs and/or medication.
Most often people get excited and confused and begin to say things which can be misinterpreted, the best way to avoid that is to say nothing.

You have the right to talk to a lawyer
Why don’t you? The police will call your lawyer for you and if the lawyer thinks it is appropriate they will visit you at the police station.

Do you have to give a statement to police?
No, you don’t. In fact unless you have spoken to a lawyer, it is best that you don’t.

Do you have to agree to any interview (recorded or not).
No, you don’t. Wait for your lawyer’s advice. You can always meet the police with your lawyer and give a statement if necessary at a later stage.

When will the police let me go on bail?
Depending on the nature of the charge if the police intend to release you on bail, it will be about 4-6 hours.
Don’t lose hope, it’s a process.

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